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Centralise, consolidate and build an ANPR infrastructure

Cloud Based

A straightforward front end setup

Cheaper and simpler to install

A single board front end solution

No/lower maintenance

No server required

ANPR Service

ANPR provided in the cloud as a service

No software to install. Access through MySuilvision portal or SDK.

PA or PCM subscription – everything included

Scale up / scale down as needed

This can be integrated into an existing solution or form part of a bespoke on-site solution

Web Portal

Visibility across all sites nationally.

Central site configuration, control and setup.

Models links between sites.

Fully bespoke locations types, location attributes and zones within locations.

An open architecture allows you to model a infrastructure bespoke to your organisation.

Open Model

Assets traceable back to manufacture.

Captures history of assets.

GUID tracking of data.

Fully customisable asset attributes bespoke to your organisation.

Models links between assets.

The dashboard allows a user to create a mash-up of functionality, data as real time figures, reports or charts and quick navigation links into the system as required.

  • Overview of locations and incoming data.
  • Alerts.
  • Navigation into the system.
  • Key figures and overview charts.
  • A user created view.
  • Quick links into functional areas.
  • A view on figures of interest and charts, real time.

GUI drag and drop, icons, maps. Menu with location types, drag to design surface to pin, properties window to configure attributes, UI to add new attribute types.

  • One account supports multiple sites.
  • A visualisation and navigation tool.
  • Filters allow users to visualise the data by switching on/off attributes or location types.
  • Drill in/out and navigate into asset information.
  • Sites filtered across multiple domains.
  • Supports pop up reports.
  • Show hide attributes on the schematic as needed.

UI reflects the setup on the ground. This is captured in the MYS database. The standard package includes a high definition camera and LED lighting – installed and maintained. The camera sends overview images and plate capture imagery to Suilvision servers for storage and ANPR conversion.

  • Live imagery feed.
  • Data and alerts as it is saved on to server.
  • Available as a dashboard widgets.